Commonly Asked Questions

We have a few different moves we do on the bike and of course, form will be key to getting the most out of each! This video will explain and demonstrate all we do on the bike! 

First and foremost before you begin a workout, make sure to watch this video! This will explain in detail, resistance, positions, and additional tips for my classes to help you make the most of your workouts!

Yes, this is probably the biggest concern I hear when it comes to cycling. This can be caused by several reasons, and the first being improper bike setup, check this first! If the seat is too low or too high, or if you are leaning too far forward or sitting up too straight this can cause added and unnecessary pressure in unwanted areas. Proper bike setup can make all the difference! Don’t forget to check out my bike setup video here. Another reason can be riding with too little resistance. If you don’t have enough resistance, you will have the tendency to bounce in the seat. It also takes time to get used to the saddle. Personally, if I take a break from cycling, it takes me about 7-10 days of consistent riding to get used to the seat again. If you have checked all of these areas and find you are still struggling with saddle discomfort; padded shorts or a seat cover are an excellent option! I have linked some affordable options here! Lastly, after confirming your bike allows you to switch out seats, you could visit your local bike shop to be fitted for a new saddle. 

Rest days are just as important as your workouts! Our bodies need time to recover, we may think that doing a workout every single day will make us reach our goals sooner however, this is not the case. Our body gets stronger during our downtime, also not including recovery can lead to exhaustion and increase your risk of injury. I wrote a blog to help you determine a schedule that works for you! Read more about that here.

This is an awesome question, but one that will be different for everyone! There are several factors to consider when deciding on the frequency of your workouts. I have gone into significant detail here to help you determine what will work best for you!

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this. Calories burned are dependent on several factors such as age, intensity level, gender, and body composition to name a few. There are calculators online that can give you a range for this if you don’t have an activity watch or heart rate monitor. 

Be a part of the KCF community! We have an amazing, motivated, and encouraging community that makes this journey so awesome! From the live rides to the YouTube comments, to the Facebook memes, and the Instagram stories, this community comes together to bring the best out in each other! Come hang out with us!

CELEBRATE! That is 5 minutes more than you did the day before! Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed. As I mentioned this is a process and it takes time. Work to add 1-2 minutes each time you try the workout and before you know it, you’ll have made it to the cooldown! Stick with it and don’t give up, you will get there! Does it get easier? I won’t say it gets easier, but you will get stronger. You will increase your cardiovascular output and build muscle to help you maintain longer rides and increase your intensity. Enjoy the process and stay consistent, you will get there! I also have a FREE Beginner’s Guide with a calendar to help you on your journey! Find that here!

I would begin by lowering speed, but also keep a smooth pedal stroke. If you find that this is still too challenging, lower resistance a bit, but make sure to have enough resistance on that you still “feel it” under your feet. Keeping the resistance on will help build endurance, the speed will come with time!

This varies person-to-person. If you find that the beginner rides aren’t challenging you like they were when you began, it could be time to try out a more advanced ride. You can also just give it a go and include modifications when and if needed. You will never know if you’re ready if you don’t try! You can also include 1 or 2 songs from a more advanced ride to one of the beginner rides and see how you get along from there. 

Cycling shoes are not a necessity, although there are some benefits to using them. Cycling shoes have a very stiff sole, which provides greater support and comfort than a regular tennis shoe. Cycling shoes will also increase your power output, in turn contributing to a better overall workout. You will also have more control because you are connected to the bike, this maintains proper foot position as well as form and safety. If you are looking to invest in cycling shoes, I ride Shimano’s IC line and LOVE them! You can find the link here and use code: KCF15 for a 15% discount! WOOHOO!

RPM stands for revolutions per minute — this is how many times your pedal makes one full revolution in a minute’s time. This can also be referred to as cadence, pace, or speed. 

This is totally fine! Having a computer with RPM for my classes is not necessary! There are a few other ways to follow along — follow my leg speed and/or 1-2 counts I occasionally call out, catch the beat of the music, or ride wherever you feel comfortable! You can also find the RPM sensor I have used in the past here.

I have a Stages SC3 bike. I have also done loads of research on indoor bikes with a variety of options as cost and you can find those here.

Yes! All of my cycling and strength workouts are FREE for you on YouTube!

Thank you so much for asking! Your support means a lot and allows us to continue improving and posting free workouts for you! You can support the workouts here

We have a live cycling ride and a live strength workout every Saturday! YES, every weekend we get to come together and kick butt! You can find your local time for these live workouts on either the Kaleigh Cohen Cycling or Kaleigh Cohen Strength channel! Once you find the upcoming workout on the channel, you can also set a reminder right from YouTube, so you won’t miss it!