Will Cycling Shoes Improve Your Indoor Cycling Workouts?!

Indoor cycling is an amazing option if you want a great workout, but what if there were a way to make your bike workout even better! If you want to take your sweaty, mood-boosting, endorphin-inducing cycling class to the next level, maybe it’s time to invest in indoor cycling shoes! Hold onto your handlebars; let’s get real and talk about all things indoor cycling shoes!

What are indoor cycling shoes?

Indoor cycling shoes are specially designed shoes with an extremely stiff sole and a cleat on the bottom which allows you to attach your shoe directly to the pedal of your bike. Cycling shoes offer a more supportive, comfortable, and powerful overall ride.

Indoor Cycling Shoes and a Better Cycling Workout | Kaleigh Cohen Fitness
Shimano Indoor IC2 shoes with SPD cleats

Why are indoor cycling shoes so beneficial?

Indoor cycling shoes are beneficial to have for a few reasons. Indoor cycling shoes are specifically designed to withstand the pressure under your feet. If you have noticed during or after a ride that your feet or knees are bothering you, it could be that the shoes you are currently wearing do not offer enough support. Most tennis shoes have very flexible and soft soles, that is super comfy for running and walking, but when you’re on your bike and have minimal surface area, a pliable sole is not the best option for support. Most cycling shoes have a metal plate running down the sole, to ensure you have enough support, especially for those heavy climbs. Proper footwear will most definilty provide a more comfortable ride! Another benefit of wearing indoor cycling shoes is having more power in your pedal stroke. Who doesn’t want more power!? More power equals a better, more efficient overall workout! Having your shoes connected to the pedals allows you to get the most out of your pedal stroke, especially on the pull-up motion, hello quads! Lastly, having your shoes attached to the pedals is a safer option than using the cages. You will also pedal a little faster with the peace of mind knowing your foot isn’t going to slip and fly! Cycling shoes make an amazing addition to your cycling swag. If you want that extra OOPMH in your indoor cycling game, look into getting a pair of your very own indoor cycling shoes!

You’re ready to make the switch! What’s next?!

If you are ready to take that next step and purchase your first pair of indoor cycling shoes, YAY! That’s awesome! I’ll share my favorite indoor cycling shoe with you now, and that is the Shimano Indoor Cycling line! I have tried other brands of indoor cycling shoes and while they did the trick, the Shimano’s comfort, durability, and performance are top-notch. The Shimano Indoor shoes are specifically designed for indoor cycling, they are very breathable and offer tons of support to make those climbs heavier and your sprints faster! Don’t forget if you do upgrade to indoor cycling shoes, make sure you have compatible pedals. One more tip, you will need to purchase the cleats separate from the shoes! Most indoor cycling bikes and shoes use SPD pedals and cleats, but make sure to double check what fits your bike. Find all you need to get a more effective cycling ride here!

Indoor Cycling Shoes and a Better Cycling Workout | Kaleigh Cohen Fitness
Shimano Indoor IC5 shoes with BOA Dial

Which Shimano Indoor Shoe is right for you?

The Shimano Indoor line offers 3 different styles of shoes for both men and women! The Shimano IC1 & 2 both have the same look, the biggest difference with these two shoes are the cleat technology they use. The IC1 caters to the SPD-SL cleat and the IC2’s cater to the SPD cleat. They both offer superior support while being lightweight, breathable, not to mention their super sleek design. I absolutely love the look of this shoe! This is the perfect option if you prefer a stylish shoe or if you use SPD-SL cleats! The Shimano IC3’s are what I like to call, the 2-for-1! This shoe is designed with a recessed cleat which allows for a solid and supportive cycling workout as well as an easy transition into your strength session. This versatile shoe is a great option if you are into boot camp style workouts and mix it up on and off the bike. The IC3 is also a great option if you are in need of a wider cycling shoe. This shoe is an amazing option if you are looking for comfort, versatility, and a smooth transition on and off the bike! Finally, the IC5’s are my personal favorite! They not only provide stability and comfort, but I have personally increased power through my pedal stroke with their secure fit. The IC5 is a top-of-the-line cycling shoe that will not disappoint! Before I forget to mention, the IC3 and IC5 both offer a BOA Dial for the perfect fit! Each style also comes in a variety of great colors! Shimano Indoor also offers pedals and cleats to provide you with your best ride yet! Find out more here! Also, if you’re into saving the green stuff, use code, KCF15 for 15% of your total purchase!

Indoor Cycling Shoes and a Better Cycling Workout | Kaleigh Cohen Fitness
Shimano Indoor IC3 shoes with BOA Dial

Still not ready to make the switch?

So, maybe you’re not quite ready to purchase indoor cycling shoes just yet, but you still want something with more support than your running shoes. If that is the case, weightlifting specific shoes are a wonderful option. Weightlifting shoes have a very stiff sole which makes for a reasonable compromise! There are several brands and styles of weightlifting shoes to choose from! When you are ready to make the switch, now you have all the knowledge to make the best choice for you!

That’s a Wrap!

So to finish up, the simple answer is no, you don’t need indoor cycling shoes, but if you find you have sore feet or knees, want to gain maximum power, and have a more effective workout while on the bike, indoor cycling shoes are for you! And if you need a ride to test out your new indoor cycling shoes, this COME ALIVE ride is a great option!

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